About us

On 15 March 2020 our Facebook page started to operate under the name of Koronavìrus Karantèn UK. Our aim was to help Hungarian people in the UK who were in need as a result of the pandemic, using the power of the community. This does not exclude to help people of any nationalities and backgrounds.

In many cases, grocery shopping, food, shelter, dog walking, minor financial problems, gas, electricity, etc. have been on the schedule.

After the first wave, the community decided to change the name to Nem vagyunk HUNtalanok, which we still use today.

Our aims remained the same, to help, to build community, to tackle new problems as they arise! We now deal with almost all areas of problems.

We work with the Hungarian embassy in UK, we have a solicitor to help us, we have someone who knows how to deal with Universal Credit, the current visa issues and so on. Lately we are also very much focused on the strength of the community which continues to impress us, see for example when the truckers were stuck in England at Christmas 2020 or our donation to the refugees in Transcarpathia, also when Hungarian passengers were stuck at the airports.

It has become a tradition to celebrate Christmas with families included children in need and with disabilities under the Hungarian Embassy’s Christmas tree.

We also often set up donations for vulnerable children, both in the UK and occasionally in Hungary.

We have succeeded in setting up our Community Interest Company which gives us even more opportunity to work, both financially and in terms of appearance and organisation. We have expanded our financial possibilities, which you can see under the “Donate”, and you can also support our work.