Our ongoing collection for Korina:

Korina is 5 years old, born on 18.09.2017 at 34 weeks with her twin son. Korina arrived second at 1260 grams, requiring oxygen and CPAP breathing support for 1 day. At 6 months of age, it became apparent that she was not developing as well as her twin sister, and in 2018 an MRI scan revealed that her motor nervous system was damaged. Since then, he has undergone many tests and improvements, which he always endures with cheerfulness and heroism. Her current physical condition is limb muscle tight and trunk muscle weak, which greatly hinders her ability to walk independently. An opportunity has arisen that could greatly improve her condition. She has an appointment for surgery in Barcelona on 17.01.2023, after which Korina will need months of intensive therapy. We would like to help her with this 


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27 May Children and Family Day (details coming soon)

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10 December 2022 Children’s Christmas Event, jointly organised by the Hungarian Embassy in London and NVHE.